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Joshua Cartu owner of romecasino.com


Josh Cartu is a well-known professional fraudster responsible for duping the shareholders associated to Dice and Rome partners. He managed to take hold of the firm’s assets in an unethical manner. Concurrently, he stole millions of dollars from software providers, players and affiliates attached to the company. He embezzled the entire wealth of the internet casino businesses; Diceland Casino and Rome Casino in the presence of the shareholders associated to Dice Partners Inc.

This fraudulent behavior gave Joshua Cartu the means with which to build the Josh Cartu Ferrari racer empire and furnish his garage with exotic Bentleys, Lamborghinis and of course, the Ferraris with which Josh Cartu has become synonymous with. So how did all this come about?

More about Joshua Cartu

The assets robbed by Josh Cartu actually belonged to almost every individual linked to the company including the shareholders. These individuals should have been aware of this fraudster before joining his company. All the entities financed from the generated profits of Diceland and Rome are actually the assets belonging to the shareholders. Josh was implementing the business strategies created by Dice Partners Inc while he was employed there. He managed to steal both the assets as well as the perception. The names of the Plaintiffs were kept obscured to protect them. This case is a public one-however, the names have been eradicated.

Josh Cartu in the Courts

Josh Cartu, feigning as a worker of Dice Partners Inc, tried to amass wealth for his employer based in the state of Wyoming. He also had plans to expand his business in the state. He made two phone calls to the Plaintiff in Wyoming. The objectives of these calls were basically to extort money for financing the operation of Dice Partners Inc. According to Cartu, the company exhibited a robust financial result. After the phone calls and the submission of the financial performance, the Plaintiff stated that the loans and claims totaled around $600,000, which was paid in two installments of $300,000 each to his firm Dice Partners Inc.

Cartu Joshua is his Red Ferrari

It was found that Josh Cartu had misled the Plaintiff about the robust financial results of Dice Partners Inc since he stated in another forum that the company was faring poorly with respect to their finances. The reports he presented were fabricated which showed positive statistical information and gave a glowing outlook for the organization.
On the basis of the document submitted by Cartu, the Plaintiff loaned a huge amount of $400,000 to Dice Partners Inc in the year 2008. This was paid in two equal portions of $200,000 each. Cartu took up a major role while securing this money. However, he did not divulge important information to the lenders.

After Dice Partner Inc got the final amount of $200,000, Josh Cartu seized the assets of the firm and became the CEO. Following this, he started using the money for his own personal use unethically.
He took control over the three domain names along with the websites linked with the company. These sites were used for the operation of the online casino business. Out of the three domain names, two offered active gambling (Dicelandcasino.com and Romecasino.com) while the third one-Romepartners.com was an affiliate marketing site. The third site was solely responsible for driving players to the casino sites. There is still a lot of discrepancy with the ownership of the businesses with respect to the profits generated and the domain names.

Based on public data information, the maximum number of players to the site Romecasino.com is basically from the US. However, Cartu mentions in his affidavit that his casino site does not function in Wyoming or the United States, which is far from the truth. In a filing dated June 2012 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Cartu’s counsel said that Cartu had introduced the new platforms to allow the gamblers of Rome Casino and Diceland Casino to enjoy uninterrupted gambling services on the internet. The counsel claimed that Cartu had toiled to establish his organization with both the casinos besides their domain names.

In spite of the fact that Josh Cartu had managed to take over the ownership of Rome Casino and Diceland Casino, the company Dice Partners Inc states that they in addition to the shareholders are the owners of the gaming sites. However, the counsel states that Cartu has been operating both the portals. The presence of Rome Casino in the state of Wyoming was confirmed by the Plaintiff.
Many other individuals and entities have suffered extensive damages because of Josh Cartu. The people of Wyoming, however, are the worst hit by the scam. The Plaintiffs have had to face staggering losses amounting to thousands of dollars.

After being involved in this fraudulent activity, Josh Cartu would have anticipated to be sued by the citizens of Wyoming. On the contrary, this did not hinder his unlawful activities. He continues to operate both the Wyoming based casinos. The sites directly operate under the US laws and continue to flourish.

Josh Cartu Ferrari Racer

Since then, Joshua Cartu has become a self-styled Ferrari racer, with a number of boutique and race-modified Ferrari cars, which the Josh Cartu Ferrari group will enter in this year’s Gumball3000 rally, along with his brother David Cartu and Father Lazar Cartu. This is a pursuit of only the wealthiest individuals, as it will take them from Miami Beach, Florida, to Ibiza, Spain, via New York, Edinburgh, London and Paris.
This serves only to aggravate those who believe they have been cheated, as the hobby is widely reported in social media and other online publications. Cartu’s Facebook page describes his racing hobby and ‘Drifting workshop’ in acute detail, and while these appear to be successful and thriving businesses, the means with which they were built are dubious to say the least.

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Online Casinos in the Asian Market


vegas-casinoOnline casinos have exploded across the UK, Europe and North America. Sites like Easy Slots or Dream Jackpot are the perfect example of this.

More and more sites are coming out to offer more variety to online gambling. However, have these online casinos truly entered into the Asian markets?

Asian Gambling Culture

Gambling has always held a place in Asian culture. There are reasons for this:

Gambling has a big relation to luck and luck has been a pivotal element of Asian history and culture.

Asians have culturally always had ideations of being able to manipulate luck and thus they have beliefs that if they can control their fate, they should be able to win while gambling.

It is apparent that luck has a big influence on Asian culture and thus why Asians have more tendencies to place bets.

Furthermore, Asians have immigrated all over the world and have brought their gambling culture with them. For example, in California, it has been recorded that Asians make up for 80% of the market!

But how has this tradition of gambling translated to online casinos?

Online Gambling in Asia

Although Asians may prefer the traditional gambling methods of going to a physical casino and feeling they have power over their luck by touching real dice or cards, virtual casinos have made their mark in Asia.

Asian culture has always been a leader in technological advancements. When it comes to video games, they are king. So why have online casinos not caught on as much?

Most likely it is due to the traditions of luck within the Asian culture and being able to manipulate luck and turn it in their favour. However, there may be some key issues lacking from online casinos when marketing towards the Asian market.

Marketing Online Casinos to the Asian Markets

Rather than marketing the newest and best deposit bonuses, there may be a better opportunity. Approaching the Asian market as providing the population with a traditional experience online. Where the experience is the same as it is as going to a real physical casino.

Providing them with the ability to have control over the games and have the feeling they can somehow control their luck. It may seem that deposit bonuses work in North America and the EU, it may not be the driving force to having the Asian market register to online casinos.

Thus, having more traditional online casinos may be the best route. Using realistic games, cards and language. Understanding how casinos in Asia look, feel and what experience they provide and being able to translate that into an online casino would provide the best outcome for tackling the Asian markets.

The Wrap Up

All in all, the Asian culture will always keep gambling around, however, in order to have them adapt to these new technologies, there must be a new approach. To understand their traditions and how online casinos can become as large as they are in other continents.…

Healthy Lifestyle


Some people value their health more than anything in this world. They are usually concern on how to make their lives as healthy as possible. They want to have a healthy life that’s why they should make their body fit. They prioritize the goodness of their well – being.

A Healthy Lifestyle

People nowadays are tempted to do the things that are not allowed. They find excitement and happiness in doing these things. For example, eating junk foods and other chips are not good to the health but people keep on eating these foods. But, they need to have a better life by avoiding these temptations gradually. They must face tomorrow with a better and improved thinking that they really need to have a proper way of handling themselves especially their health.…