Online Casinos in the Asian Market


vegas-casinoOnline casinos have exploded across the UK, Europe and North America. Sites like Easy Slots or Dream Jackpot are the perfect example of this.

More and more sites are coming out to offer more variety to online gambling. However, have these online casinos truly entered into the Asian markets?

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Asian Gambling Culture

Gambling has always held a place in Asian culture. There are reasons for this:

Gambling has a big relation to luck and luck has been a pivotal element of Asian history and culture.

Asians have culturally always had ideations of being able to manipulate luck and thus they have beliefs that if they can control their fate, they should be able to win while gambling.

It is apparent that luck has a big influence on Asian culture and thus why Asians have more tendencies to place bets.

Furthermore, Asians have immigrated all over the world and have brought their gambling culture with them. For example, in California, it has been recorded that Asians make up for 80% of the market!

But how has this tradition of gambling translated to online casinos?

Online Gambling in Asia

Although Asians may prefer the traditional gambling methods of going to a physical casino and feeling they have power over their luck by touching real dice or cards, virtual casinos have made their mark in Asia.

Asian culture has always been a leader in technological advancements. When it comes to video games, they are king. So why have online casinos not caught on as much?

Most likely it is due to the traditions of luck within the Asian culture and being able to manipulate luck and turn it in their favour. However, there may be some key issues lacking from online casinos when marketing towards the Asian market.

Marketing Online Casinos to the Asian Markets

Rather than marketing the newest and best deposit bonuses, there may be a better opportunity. Approaching the Asian market as providing the population with a traditional experience online. Where the experience is the same as it is as going to a real physical casino.

Providing them with the ability to have control over the games and have the feeling they can somehow control their luck. It may seem that deposit bonuses work in North America and the EU, it may not be the driving force to having the Asian market register to online casinos.

Thus, having more traditional online casinos may be the best route. Using realistic games, cards and language. Understanding how casinos in Asia look, feel and what experience they provide and being able to translate that into an online casino would provide the best outcome for tackling the Asian markets.

The Wrap Up

All in all, the Asian culture will always keep gambling around, however, in order to have them adapt to these new technologies, there must be a new approach. To understand their traditions and how online casinos can become as large as they are in other continents.

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