5 Donts on First Dates: A Must Know

Regardless of your personality, we are all cowards when it comes to first dates. We worry ourselves about even the little things, we wanted things to work out and hopefully get a shot for another one. By worrying too much, we end up doing things that turns-off the whole game and losing it all. Sometimes these mistakes are too natural to notice, you’ll just wonder it never worked for you with anybody else. You need to have an idea on what are the things that might turn down the dating process, keep it in mind so you won’t let slip another gem. Here are 5 to get you enlightened.

Grilling On First Dates

You wanted to get to know your date, so you asked questions and everything that goes into your mind. When his answer is new to you or he said something that tickles your curiosity; you feel the urge to ask – turning the conversation into an instant interrogation. Where is the fun there? Stop with asking too much question and enjoy the moment, that’s how dating works; getting to know each other slowly and surely.

Mind Freak-ing

Do not creep out your date by making them feel like you already knew them. When they try to say something about themselves quit it with the “I knew it” script. Avoid giving them the idea that you are their stalker that creeps them even in the middle of the night, you are deleting the crucial part of first dates, discovering things slowly. Quit with the guessing game; let them tell you who they are by their words, mannerism, or reactions. That’ll sound better than butting in the thing you think you knew about them.


Don’t Be Too You

Be at your best without losing yourself; that’s the better way to do it. There are some who wanted to bring their individuality even on their first dates, looking all floppy and untamed. It is good that your future partner would embrace the real you, but not on first dates. You could comfortably talk to them, or act all ease up wearing you favorite casuals but not on pajamas! Stay away from things you think is inappropriate, if you wanted this date to work out, sacrifice just a little of holding back.

don'ts on date

Too Fast Forward

Marriage?Babies?A House and Car? – WHAT?! It would be very shocking for someone to be laid by future plans of someone they just met. You might give them a hint of how you’d be a good partner in the future but to drastically drag all your plans and say as if he’s obligated to do it for you, then bid it goodbye because there would never be a next date. Keep the flow at the present, creating moments to share in the future if things will turn out well.

Leave Those Garbage Behind

Let “X” be a thing of the past not a subject of the present. Never drag anything relating to your past heartbreak into the conversation, don’t make your date an advisor whom you want to ask guidance for; you are there to meet someone who is hopefully better than that troll who broke your heart. Don’t make dating a rebound – it might bounce back to you. Discover more..

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